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    Hello. I enjoy this game enormously. I know that it is in Early Access but damn you guys make a really good job.
    Even now this game is much better that most finished games I play in last few years(or even decades).
    Things is there is few things that bother me. Things that I think can be changed by minimal effort/ on low cots.
    Nothing big.
    So there is my list(feel free to laugh at it):

    ###Weapons and skills###

    #1 Knifes and daggers.
    This thing really bother me.
    Daggers are stabbing weapon when knifes are cutting weapons. They are different in use and construction and really should be different category of weapons.
    So my suggestion.
    >Slash cost 4AP + 8Fatigue
    >Double Slash cost 4AP + 24Fatigue, -10% on hit #hit two times
    I think about adding Falchion to this category(as one side light curved sword).
    >Stab cost 4AP + 8Fatigue
    >Puncture cost 4 AP + 20 Fatigue, -10% on hit, ignore armour.
    I think about adding another dagger weapon of higher tier(like Rondel Dagger) or make Short sword(stabbing weapon) as one.

    #2 Swords and riposte
    I really think that swords should have something else not only Slash skills. Riposte is highly situational and defensive skill.
    It make sense to move Riposte to a Defensive Perk Tree. Thing is I really wonder what second skill should be. Double slash? Some sort of piercing skill? I wonder.

    #3 Spears and spearwall.
    This skill is really great as defensive tool but I feel like its to much for a little spear. Both spear are mostly used as one handed weapon and they should just not have enough power to shove attacker. It make more sense to give this sort of skill for a two handed two range reach long spear/pike.
    Instead I propose
    #First attack – 4AP/20Fatigue cost, attack anyone who move into the close range
    It kinda make more sense that spear use will be able to hit anybody who move close before they can hit him but shoving them is to much.

    #4 Long spear/pike
    Spearwall(or pikewall) should be skill for two handed long spear with reach of two. Similar to billhook but instead of pulling it shove enemy far away.

    ### Company finances ###

    #1 Quests
    I strongly cheer for possibility to take few contracts at once. It make sense especially for delivery/escort quests or taking few raze/extrapolation contracts in similar area.
    Things is with one contracts only contracts are only main cash source for beginning of the game. Most my cash come from selling weapons and armours or just from loot. Not mention amount of food, medicine and tools I find.
    But of course this will make game easier for a player.
    In balance I propose to make orcish weapons worthless(who gonna buy this and who gonna use it)?
    Also reduce selling price of weapons to 1/4 or even less.

    #2 Supplies
    Allow to sell or donate food/medicine. Sometimes I sit on gigantic amount of it and there are people starving. let me sell it or donate it for them.

    ### Enemies ###

    #1 More diversity for human enemies?
    #Deserters? faction moulded on similarity of Men at Arms?
    #Cultist? Fanatics led by heretical priests sacrificing people etc?

    #Some tier of enemy between Thug and Riders.

    ### Quests ###
    Few more quests will be nice’ Sometimes villages are so poor that they can’t recover.
    What about if there be possible to restart them by quest chain?
    #Poor village have a quest:
    >’Request for help’ – go to town or castle with their message
    >castle or town prepare supplies and weapons and wealth and then company escort it to village so village get some much needed help.

    Thanks for reading this. Comments are always nice to see.

    Avatar photolfish

    Double slash seems….a little boring as an attack? I mean, if you can slash twice quickly with a sword or knife, you could slash twice with an axe or mace. I get the idea of trying to make the knives seem like a quicker weapon, but if someone is using a knife to fight a sword, the difference in range makes the speed advantage go the other way. I think the knives could have a draw cut ability that either causes bleeding or some kind of debilitation effect, but does highly reduced damage to armor.

    I agree the spearwall should be nerfed a tad, but I think a long range spear might be too powerful. Although, if it could only attack at range 2, that might work. Another idea would be that getting hit by a spearwall ends your turn, but doesn’t knock you back.

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    – Giving the knife a “cut” attack which deals bleeding damage instead of the puncture is my favorite idea right now.
    – Long Spear/pike is absolutely on its way into the game. Maybe sooner than you think ;)
    – the idea of taking several contracts at once is on our list. I suppose we will tackle that issue together with the reputation system, so taking too many contracts and not finishing them will have actual consequences.
    – More enemies and contracts in general are just considered “content” at this point. We are focussing more on new mechanics first to broaden the foundation on which to expand the game.

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    Avatar photoGOD

    I think the repel effect is supposed to simulate how spears can be used to keep enemies from getting because of the spears reach. Without the repel, it’s not a worthwhile ability to use and would just be a weaker riposte. You’d then only equip the occasional low-level merc with spears for the accuracy bonus.

    Looking forward to the pike. It’s such a logical weapon to have. I think it was mentioned somewhere that you were consdiering it as a replacement for the billhook, because the billhook was more of a weapon meant for cavalry.

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    Thanks for reply. I really appreciate this.
    Good to hear that you gonna make knife different. Hope that you don’t drop dagger(I really like them) and add some higher tier one(like Rondel Dagger).

    #Rondel daggers presentation by Lindybeige
    ##This guy have a lot presentation of different medieval and ancient weapons. I recommended to check him(he is sometimes funny but always know things he talk about).
    Idea for double slashing is that knifes are ineffective against heavy armour. So you can slash body really fast but against armour it is ineffective and tiring. You can’t really use mace or axe in similar way(if you hit somebody with mace you lose momentum).

    ##I really like idea for investing perks into additional skills for weapons.
    Like Swords mastery perk:
    It add 10% chance to hit, make it lose durability half fast, and let you use Riposte(its example real things can wary).
    Maybe even additional tree with Weapon mastery?

    ##The other thing is that I was thinking about dropping previous perk requirement for 2 and 3 Tier level perks and add stats requirement for all perks.
    So your soldier will not need 3 1st level perks from offence tree to get some from 2nd Tier but say a perk need a soldier have minimum amount of specific statistic(like 100 Initiative and 50 Melee skills).
    It Will definitely allow for different build and make some secondary stats more important.

    ## Spear even without a repel is decent weapon. Good chance of hit, low cost of fatigue and fairly good efficiency against armour. Also spears should be on affordable level weapons(its a stick with a little of metal on one side, any blacksmith can make it, when sword or good axe is harder to make).
    ##I like idea of pike having only 2 range reach. It make it for interesting weapon choice.
    I think that Billhook stay. Its infantry weapon.

    #### Thing about adding some more diversity about human enemies is that can be (probably) done by low effort. You have all graphic all you need is table of equipment for them and placing them on Parties table. I am correct?
    So more detailed bandits troopers:
    *Poacher – lower version of Marksman(Marksman will get buffed – better armed and armored)
    *Marauder – tier between Thug and Raider(better armed than Thug but worse than Raider)

    *Spearthrower – young orc armed with javelins, mostly for hunting and scout parties
    ### I still fancy idea of making orc weapon worthless for a human faction. So player can loot it and use but people will not pay for it. Instead I propose a bounty for dead orcs(orcs ears or hands drop similar to werewolfs pelt). It kinda make more sense for me but its just me.

    *Matriarch – this one is more tricky because it need graphic set, this enemy will be strong melee combatant with possibility to buff morale of other lesser ghouls,
    #Now ghouls are total pushovers. Matriarch will buff them a little.
    #Maybe adding a Poisonous Bite skill for ghouls will help a little(it can cause additional damage over time or lower stats for a battle)
    ### Possibly a idea ## Places of combat(bodies) stay some time on map – on night horde of ghouls come from their den and eat the bodies/carry bodies to den which help them increase their numbers. If left unopposed and there is plenty of fighting around their numbers grow and then they became more aggressive. Its kind of idea of very numerous but not so strong enemy, who only became at night or with large numbers.

    *Alpha wolf – kinda like Matriarch for ghouls – the bigger stronger and with a commanding presence, it can make werewolfs a real pain in the ass. Also he have really nice and worthy fur.

    Good to hear that you consider possibility to take more quest. That is good news indeed.
    more quests can be balanced by reputation drop as you say but also for bonus cash if quest is done in fast time.
    #Delivery quest:
    -if done in 1 day – normal pay plus bonus cash
    -if done in 2 days(normal time) – normal pay
    -if done in 3 days – half the pay(small drop in reputation make sense delivery is late)
    -if not done in 3 times – no pay and drop in reputation
    #Escort quest:
    -if nobody died – normal pay plus bonus
    -if somebody died but no cart destroyed/mule killed – normal pay
    -if one of mule killed(but there was more than one) – half the pay and loss of reputation
    -if caravan destroyed – no pay and drop in reputation

    I notice that somebody complain about AI behavior on Global Map. I agree. Enemy tend to pursuit no matter what. AI parties should have some sort of rules and targets. Bandits want to get rich and go back to camp drink booze and play dice not to pursuit some armed party few days and nights like madmans.
    I have some ideas about AI behavior and economy. I can drop them somewhere if anyone is interested in them. Nothing special but maybe it can be helpful in getting some new ideas.

    Thanks for reading this and comments always welcome.

    Avatar photoBuce

    I can recommend Lindybeige too but better take a look at Matt in my opinion is more competent than Lindybeige :)

    I’m not sure about weapon specializations, it might limit our strategy to one weapon type per battle brother.

    I like pike range idea, it may have range even from 2 to 3 fields :)

    More different enemies in faction is also good idea.

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    What about some small items suggestion?
    *Head Bandanna – grant bonus resolve
    *Lucky charm – grant bonus resolve(or small bonus to defence)
    *Magnifying glass – very rare and costly items, increase vision range
    *Battle gloves – increase melee skill

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