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    First let me say that I find the game intriguing. The various back stories and character foibles are a lot of fun. After about 6 hours of play I have the following suggestions.

    (1) A Player Character – I think a PC would add to the RPG feel of the game.

    (2) A “Rest until healed” option when you’re in a town. Sometimes you just want to heal up.

    (3) When you choose the perk “Increase HP by 25%” I noticed if you’re wounded when you choose it the max increases by 25% but the current stays the same. It would probably make more sense to either increase the current by the full 25% or by 25% of the current HP.

    (4) Statistics indicating how many days a mercenary has been part of the company and his total kills. If these are already there I missed them.

    (5) Ranks perhaps? Allow the organization of the unit into squads of 4 each with a squad leader. Allows (a) some control over the initial placement (squads would be together) (b) options associated with squad experience or moral or interaction (c) jealousy and/or resentment of those not promoted.

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    (1) A Player Character – I think a PC would add to the RPG feel of the game.

    He would die very often. And you would just Load Game, very often. It doesn’t work in this type of game unless you make him Godlike and/or unkillable which would ruin the game.

    Unless of course he is added as a Follower (which are being added in a later patch) and can gain exp and has a unique Company Leader skill tree which confers various company-wide bonuses such as reduced food/tool usage, increased map movement speed and vision range, etc.

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    6) Let us organize our Battle Brothers in our damn menu to make it easier to equip and help our organizational video game OCD just about everyone has.

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    Maybe the player character could just stay at the back out of the way and not fight? You get a little icon to represent the PC but you do not have to worry about him dying nether does he become some sort of uber fighter just to insure he stays alive.

    Depending on how the Devs implement non fighters you could have say your PC at the back with the baggage train and the various non fighting camp followers. They would not do anything in terms of combat maybe a couple of passive bonuses to morale or some such.

    The same could happen with enemies that you face, their leader sits at the back giving orders should you defeat them you can capture him, his followers and baggage train. You could then maybe recruit them or ransoms them back if they were say the son of a rich noble playing at war with his own mercenary company, or for bandits, orks and goblins hand them over to the authorities for bounties. Another element you could have is that say you defeat a vicious gang of bandits you then have to transport the leader back to a far off city to hand him over all the time being pursued by his gang.

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