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    Hello, just want to say that I really enjoyed your game from start until your last dlc. Its kinda bad from me that I want more from you, so I can somehow support you.

    New Backgrounds:
    -Chef-Will percentually change cost of food for your brothers.
    -Templar-We all need religious brother who would want to fight any evil (since we only know about evil guy Davkul who demands sacrifices), so he would fight cultist background and such. He would be kind of guy, who would purge evil etc. More religious stuff, more fun :P
    -Man Hunter-Kind of guy who would know the price for head for some guys in towns (events) etc.
    -Lazy Peasant-He will be kind of guy for meatgrinder :I

    New Creatures
    -Dragon-Different colors. Ice for north regions, green for swampy regions, black for mountain region, gold for forest region and red for sandy region.
    he would do swipes, tail attacks, breath of fire. Even would had a chance to find princess which will greatly increase your renown, reputation and you would get gold for it if you return her to some citadel guy. Or even chance to find Dragon Hunter, specialized for killing dragons, getting 10% chance to hit and do 2 times more dmg as a critical hit.

    -Reptilians-Warriors with spears n things, similar what you got in your first art for this game.
    -Frog People-You could build up great story around this crisis.
    -Bears, werewolves, demons of Davkul, Pirates. You can make so much for this game.

    New Crises:
    -Davkul Crisis-Davkul cultists will roam the world and killing anything in the name of Davkul, demons would roam with them, there should be some kind of Holy Crusade Origin builded around JUST this entire crisis, to stop madness n thing.

    -Peasant Rebellion-Peasants will fight Noble houses, everything what is not citadel would be defined as Peasant Rebellion. To win it, you must fight peasants and somehow convince them to stop that madness (killing them, destroying cities etc.) There should be bad way, which would be killing, but there should be good way which would be scaring them from fights etc. by an events which would be 100% by Templars, Monks, Cripples, Minstrels, Historians etc.

    -Lizard uprising-Reptilian warriors roaming with dragons or with Lindwurms. They cities should be in swamps only or near forests.

    -Fishmen or Frogmen crisis-Their cities should be on the sea, your point is to take ship and fight those cowardly creatures at their hearth.

    New Talents:
    -Talents for camp-Increased chance to not get ambushed. For whole day camping your guys would get some buffs for one fight (like resolve buff for 5 or dmg attack chance) or they would get eager effect. Better and much faster repair, healing. Less food would be consumed. If you would be ambushed, you would start fight with five wooden shields in one hex before your guys as a cover for your guys. If ambushed, you would have ballista on your side, which would be used by one guy and would do AOE dmg. With camping site, you would have an option to create things from Taxidermist for free BUT, you must know the recipe and you would need some tools for it to make it. Etc, these kind of things.

    -Talents for Brothers-For example make another talent tree to creating their persona, rather you choosing the way what talent he will get, he will get talent every level until vet level, which will determine what kind of persona your guy is. For example, convincing, he would convince any brother for some events, or that he would be cleptoman, so he will take some items from events. These talents would be just event related. Maybe your brother is friendly, so he will gave his food to another brother, which then will make him and another brother happy.

    New Armor:
    -I think, its time for plate armor guys with more armor but with visibility reduced just to 1 and it doesnt matter what buffs he will have. Increased any movement action by one. Armor should start at 600 and max to 700. For helmets it could be around 400 to 450. Dodge, Steel Brow and Battleforged would have no effect on this.

    -Spider or even Dragon armor from bosses-It would be really cool to have even some kind of resistance chances to poison, fire, frost etc. (elemental) attacks.

    Make a Mage boss, class or brother who would join you like crusader.

    Thats all :I

    Avatar photoAlexander

    I’ve never really liked the idea that dragons were only based on singular elements — I grew up with the more sophisticated dragon stories, where they could fly, breathe fire, have nearly impenetrable scales, spaded tail, etc — but I do like the idea of a Davkul late-game crisis.

    Davkul, far as I know, is a brilliant original concept from the developers. I really like the dark, gritty world they’re building, and I especially like that the “supernatural” element is so wondrous — unlike a lot of other fantasy settings, magic isn’t commonplace — the characters all have real-world, authentic vocations — so when you see someone who claims to have otherworldly powers, or is actually using them in some kind of capacity, it’s less “textbook magic” and more surprising and mysterious.

    I’ve been playing Battle Brothers since it’s early release — back then, magic was something we knew absolutely nothing about. I can still remember the first time I saw a supposed magician actually raising the dead and thought “that can happen? That’s real?” Because the game conditions you to get used to the realistic life-or-death low-magic setting, stuff like that is actually interesting.

    I would love to see more story around Davkul.

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