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    Hello everyone!

    I’m a fan of your game and after playing about twenty hours I’d like to do some suggestions:

    -It Would be interesting to add slots to further customize our characters (gloves, rings, leggings etc …) to make it unique each member of the coterie.

    -By Following this idea, I think you should also add a fourth column perk that would be unique to each character and would be determined by its job / qualities / defects (eg a miserly farmer using a pitchfork would have 10% more damages but would cost 15% more expensive to maintain). I think it would be rewarding for the gameplay to add synergies via the perks that are linked to assets / defects / job of the unit, making it unique.

    -It Would also be nice to be able to establish a formation, because for now soldiers are put on fight map according a pre-determined patterns. From a strategic point of view it would be convenient to establish a formation before the fight. (It’s very frustrating to find its weakest character in range of the enemies in the first round …)

    Thank you again for this great game, I look forward to future updates

    PS: i hope you’ll understand me and sorry for my mistakes, i used google trad for translation

    Avatar photoHeymdaal

    I agree with the formation. It would be nice to place your units when the battle begins.
    Its also more realistic. Why should the mercenaries not go in formation before the battle begins?
    But maybe you should only be able to place your units when you are the attacker. When you are attacked you start with a random formation.

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