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    I just thought i would put this out there how some play styles are incredibly hard to play

    Ok so i though of a different play styles (troop equipment and gang) the one i have found almost impossibly hard to sustain and keep my guys alive is a band of archers, it was comedy but heartbreaking

    so i started the Bowmen (name irrelevant) 12 guys all shooty shooty types all bowmen, if anyone has not tried this yet you are in for a world of 50% odds to hit (90% misses)

    the cost of sustaining them was pretty crippling with the ammo costs alone running about 100 per combat

    your odds of hitting will cause severe nerd rage

    when you know that you need just 1 of your 4 guys shooting at a target to land one hit to finish off that enemy and you watch 8 arrows miss and occasionally nail one of your own guys

    what i am really getting at is the bowmen need some love, they need a perk where they can make their own ammo or salvage more from the battle field i.e misses picked up

    just one of those experiments i am sure we have all tried

    Avatar photoDanubian

    Im currently running with 7 archers, and since all of them have archery around 70, i dont have problems with misses so much. What bothers me is the fact that i need to go back to the capital city and fortress every 20 minutes to restock on arrows (since i have 24000 gold its not so much a financial problem as it is logistics).

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    Some ways are definitely hard ways, but a lot of ways are viable.

    In another thread, I just talked about this sort of issue. My favorite band of Battle Brothers thus far has been a group of two-handed weapon specialists where there are a few archers and a few shieldbearers, but the majority of the group wields two-handed weapons. They’re very effective at killing things, and they can wear some darned heavy armor, but they aren’t so hot when it comes to “not being made a pincushion.” Still, it’s very fun. I recommend trying it.

    An all archer group would be really, really awkward to play, though I could see having mostly archers + some hybrid archer/melee combatants with Nimble and stacking Melee Defense. They could hold the line in emergencies.

    I think Danubian has the right of it, though. You can run with an archer heavy group (even as many as 8, I think) so long as you have enough dedicated melee to support them as defenders. You need to carry a BUNCH of ammo, though.

    One though I personally love doing in groups with several archers (say, 4-6) is killing goblins for their nets so my melee characters (with Quick Hands of course) can hurl nets onto approaching enemies, slowing them down and allowing the archers to brutally murder them. It’s funny watching bandits struggle to get out from those nets as arrows pelt them from your back line.

    Avatar photoMeeky

    As an aside, I hope when we eventually get support roles added to the company (camp followers and cooks and such), we also get Fletchers. It’d be nice to have someone making Ammo while we’re on the road, especially if we’re passing through a forest.

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