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    In my late-game party, i had just lost half of my group to some withered vampires, leaving only a swordsman, two spearmen, an archer and two two handed axe men, to face off against an absurdly large group of the zombie dudes. After running up to flank the horde i sniped the necromancer, all the while pulling back my spearmen little by little up a hill, keeping them in spear wall to halt the advances of the massive horde, my swordsman mopping up the couple that were smart enough to attempt to move around my spears. Then i had this obvious, but brilliant idea! I moved in the axemen, and spun! They had very little armor on their bodies to keep from mass over fatigue, but it didn’t matter. Every time they attacked it carved swathes of zombies from the field. I ended up coming out with some very bloody warriors, but the day was won! Atleast, until some goblins came along and did that poison attack crap. Who the hell suggested that? You sir are not a very nice person, you know that?

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