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    there is a thread about this over on the Game Discussion & Feedback forum from before I thought it was a bug.

    The issue is that I only see +1 and +2 Melee Attack stat increases at level up. I don’t know about the other stats but this is the most notable for me and the only one I’ve crunched the numbers on. My total distribution is +1.37 after 70 recordings from levels 1 to 5-7 for an entire mercenary company.

    From other forum feedback, I know the range is +1 to +4. Assuming you use “int”s for the variables during the random stat increase generation, it is my belief that somewhere, the number is being divided by 2. This would truncated +2’s and +3’s down to +1’s, +4’s become +2’s and +1’s become +0’s which might then be discarded. This would result in an average distribution of +1.33 which is very close to my observed +1.37.

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    …I’m almost certain I’ve seen a 3 before for Melee attack. Never a 4, usually +1 or +2. Anyway, if what you say is true and it’s a bug, then why is it only affecting the Melee attack stat and not other stats?

    Personally, I’m not a fan of random stat gains.

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    I don’t know. This is just what I have personally observed

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    i dont know about that but from what ive seen the numbers from individual stat increases dont go away. so if you see a +1 in melee skill but dont take it it will stay there for the next level too.
    thats just from what i have observed today. might be random for me :D

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    Its like the more you upgrade something, the sooner and lower it gets…

    Like at first i was upgrading melee defense, fatigue and melee, and all of it was between 2 and 4 (4 mostly being fatigue, melee def and melee mostly being 3). And now, when im ~level 8, basically most of the time melee is +1, melee defense is +1 and fatigue is +2.

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    My personal experience is different I see +3 on melee and ranged skill often and +4 on stamina and bravery. Though I do get +1 from time to time (had 3 +1s to melee skill in a row on a swordmaster for example. It is not a bug really, just a design decision, which I can live with, though I would personally prefer a bit more distinction in stats between a peasant and a swordmaster, who should be a legendary fighter.)

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