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    Hi guys!

    First of all you rock. You really rock. You are making huge progress in every update.

    -So, I’d like to see some kind of statistics implemented. For example, a tab in the character sheet where you can look at how many goblins, orcs, thugs my merc slained, the injuries he received, how many companions he killed (those mad archers…) and more of this stuff.
    -Another nice feature could be a biography tab, where you can read the merc background, but also write some remarkable heroic actions he did.
    -And I’d really, really love to see some kind of tomb in the place where any of my men died, and again the possiblity to write the epitaph and how he died. Would be really awesome traveling around the world and remembering where you lost some good or bad men and how horrible was a battle.

    Why I want this features? Because this world is alive (or not, if you know what I mean cof *undead* cof cof), and I won really epic battle, but I also suffered the worst defeats; and my memory is fragile. I think it’s a good way to leave your prints in this amazing world you created.

    Thank you for reading ;)

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    All good ideas.

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    I completely agree.

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    Yea all of this are prety useful.

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