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    Avatar photoHoly.Death

    I’ve got a small question – would it be possible to allow the game to transfer save games between machines? I am asking, because I work on two separate PCs and being able to play the same campaign on both when I have to switch could be really awesome.

    Avatar photoRap

    Yes, this is a planned feature. It’s pretty low on the list, though, so I can’t give you an ETA unfortunately.

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    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    You can transport saves manually. Just mail them to yourself.

    Avatar photoHoly.Death


    It’s great to hear it’s planned. I am happy to wait.


    Thanks. I will give it a try, although knowing my skill in being a tech-mage I am very likely to break something somehow.

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    Glad that I could help.

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