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    To bolster it, you should also gain stun resistance or immunity.. my 2cents

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Inmunity to what?

    Steel brow is like other perks: nince lives etc. They are meant to help your party early game, when a headshot can kill a guy.

    Once you have a decent headarmor, its useless.

    It can be also usefull to an end-game duelist, who have little to no protection, and is vulnerable to headshots.

    Avatar photoNamespace

    @Primeless he said immunity to stun (allthough I think that would be OP).

    I always take Steel Brow on my archers. They only have 90 head armor even late game unless I find the wolf-like famed helmets.
    Master Archers have either Warbows or Heavy Crossbows and always Headhunter and later you may fight 2-3 at a time quite frequently.
    Also a crit from Orc Warlord/Berserker with Mansplitter 2-h Axe can oneshot. Even if your brother is wearing a 300+ named helmet and has 60-70 HP.

    Avatar photoMike

    Unmitigated headshots can:

    – kill your bro outright
    – deal serious damage even to a well-armored and leveled bro, especially with axes or dedicated anti-armor weapons
    – apply some of the most debilitating injuries in the game
    – cause enough damage to completely mess up morale

    Stell Brow either outright eliminates or seriously mitigates the above issues. Pray tell how it is “very weak” or “useless”, then? I’m tingling with anticipation!

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