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    When the beast faction is more developed, there could possibly be a questline where you’re sent to take out what’s been causing caravans to go missing in a region. You find an old fort nearby the area in question… and inside are a bunch of raiders!

    The raiders claim that they were tracking a caravan for miles, but recently went missing, and they followed the tracks here… and they’re not about to let you get in the way either, but then…

    *Dramatic music*

    Whatever’s been causing the caravans to go missing [Beast Faction] arrives. The raiders and your merc. company realize the weight of the new demise at hand, and the two parties team together so that someone here will be escaping with their lives… and getting the spoils!

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    Avatar photoFotsvamp

    Scenarios like these would be quite a fun event, +1.

    Avatar photoIeuan Mawr

    Insert a speech-selection dilemma to try to team up or keep your guard up [triggers a combined battle vs raiders and beast faction] and i’m sold.

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