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    I saw a band of bandits, and the strength indicator says “even”. But before I know what is going on, I was redirected to the loot screen. It’s like, what happened? Did I…. win? But I was only clicking here and there! I don’t even-

    Then I saw a band of Orcs, and the strength indicator says “weaker”.

    Now here comes the quiz. What happens if I engage them?
    A) my overwhelming victory
    B) my satisfying victory
    C) my victory
    D) my small victory

    Answer: I lost a man despite I plan carefully and patiently. I pay close attention to enemy units with 2h weapon, distance between units, turn order of everyone, prioritize in eliminating imminent threats, and stuff. I JUST DON’T UN-

    Before I time travel to save my buddy, I angrily slay every last orc on the field.

    ==> I derive 2 hypotheses from this incident:

    1) the strength indicator technology is developed by the bandit clans or their ancestors. Everyone wants to make themselves look good, so this hypothesis is very likely to be correct.
    2) Bandit clans are incredibly racist against Orcs.

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