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    First I would like to thank the developers for a great game. It really is the best waste of money on early access in my memory. I also do not account myself to have the right to add my suggestions in other people’s topics, but I have not found so let’s say the overall theme for the game. So if a forum moderator sees fit to move my topic where either – I ask that you do, of course.
    Please do not judge strictly, especially considering that English is not my native language. But have one suggestion.
    On the city screen or just castle, for example, to add interactive NPC – blacksmith. Which under certain achievements :
    a) planned by the developers of the reputation of the group
    b) completing a certain quest for this castle
    c) or simply the level of our brothers etc
    d) and maybe all these conditions at once :)
    you get the opportunity to order personalized weapons and armor for their own purposes. This could be a unique weapon planned type or conventional weapons but with bonuses for the selection of the player. For example someone wants his greataxe required less stamina or had more chance of hit or was especially durable. This is a question of the technical capabilities of the game and balance. The main thing that this does not have to be some very powerful items but they will give the player to feel the uniqueness and help role-playing for those who wants it..from an RPG :)
    Thank you for your understanding and attention

    Avatar photoSky

    That is a neat idea indeed, especially if you could give the weapons names or titles. The bonus thing is a harder part since you have to balance it out or make it a very limited experience. Like it, and would be glad to see it ingame!

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Suggestion 2.
    I suggest not to forget to add the ability to reject changes in the characteristics at level up. Both individual characteristics and the level entirely. The player can change his mind or just misclicked. Now there is not this possible if you have already chosen some feature to improve to abandon it. So? Or am I just too old and stupid? :)

    Rap, thx for answer.

    Avatar photoRap

    Suggestion 2.
    I suggest not to forget to add the ability to reject changes in the characteristics at level up. Both individual characteristics and the level entirely. The player can change his mind or just misclicked. Now there is not this possible if you have already chosen some feature to improve to abandon it. So? Or am I just too old and stupid?

    We’re going to change this together with changing the way stat increases on levelup are determined as discussed here.

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    Avatar photoTrig

    Big ‘yes’ for blacksmith!

    If nothing else, I’d love to order armour with a tabbard in colours of my coat of arms, once customisation of the company’s banner is implemented.

    Avatar photoXizzie

    Big ‘yes’ for blacksmith!

    If nothing else, I’d love to order armour with a tabbard in colours of my coat of arms, once customisation of the company’s banner is implemented.

    That’s a really good idea as well. Would also be great if we could paint the shields with the company logo.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Trig, Xizzie it is real good add suggestoins to my 1 st suggestion :)
    Lets hope that all is technical possible.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Suggestion 3
    There is a suggestion – to add the ability to customize the icon – the model of your unit on the global map. Maybe some options when creating a team of mercenaries at the start. In combination with (as i understood) soon realized to a great variety of banners and shields – will be quite decent. I hope it is not technically very difficult.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Write it’s not an easy post (to my knowledge of English) forced me to improve the situation with a system of skill points per level. I think everyone understands that the first option to randomly index from 2 to 5 and then as it is now – it is not very good. Melee attack and defense, regardless of background mercenary will never differ by more than 10 – 15 points even if you pump over your mercenary to 11 lvl. Knight will have an index of 80 and a farmer 70. Now, when random in game became more (and that makes me very sad) – the 10 absolutely nothing.
    the following scheme to improve the skill. Driving without any specific figures – this is from the balance sheet and the developers already know better.
    There is a main component (for example 1), to which is added the modifier mercenary background (for example, for battle skills all the mercenaries with “military” background receive the highest modifier civil – below, for range skill the hunters have highest modif and so on), followed by the modifier level mercenary (survive long time – the more experienced – logical ) and the last modifier – is the size of “accompanying” this ability to other skills. For example, to melee attack – is the endurance and melee def. For stamina it is health and intsiative and so on. If in the future may be subject to successful mercenary actions in combat and perks as an additional factor for such level up – even better.
    Kindly note that I do not call it such modifiers and ligaments do not call specific numbers. But I think that the scheme looks more logical than the random and fixed irrational number.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    The history with the possible rare bow in the latest patch gave me a thought : I think we have a great opportunity to build a chain of quests depending on the background of a character of his level and reputation of the group. I will not paint there are different options of obtaining a unique heraldic chain mail on a quest nobleman from which you resume to level 10, and he realized that you are not thieving spot and noble group of warriors…I think with the imagination of the developers and so full order :) I just want to note that these quests could greatly deepen the RPG component of the game and great diversify to the late gameplay.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Since, all “old men” playing BB, I think, it is clear that the tactical component of our favorite games is clearly beginning to lag behind the strategy. So I think that the following updates on this topic should already be in the minds of developers. That’s decided to share his thoughts on the matter.
    We all understand that as part of the engine is unlikely to expect tactically sighting strike capabilities limbs (at least the top :)) or the ability to take two weapons in both hands. But now we have in the game is a “tool” able to diversify tactical combat options and system of level up mercenaries at the same time! This so-called effects – debuffs like stuns or cripple. You can easily expand this topic. For example, on a certain level mercenary can take a special perk for stun weapons ability or axes with an increased chance chop off the head. Of course, this can be a special protective, range, or commander abilities. What is it and how it is already a priority to balance this- up to developers. To the skills requirements can be not only on the level, but also endurance, health, development of this particular branch of skills and relevant background even mercenary. The main thing – that we will get a variety of tactics and the addition of individualization in the development of a mercenary, without having to go to the “cryengine”.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    it’s not my idea, but I was asked to announce it on the forum. Personally myself I also find this idea interesting.
    The point is
    that now, when we already have a tool such as the reputation of the group (professional fame – renown). You can enter a specific group skill or group skill tree. Mercenaries may change but we say brand is :)
    for example at a low level of fame you can get the opportunity to successfully bid for contracts or trade is more beneficial to the cities, on high – the ability to attract a certain type of mercenaries or to select certain types of quests. no matter what kind of ability – it’s up to developers considering the further development of the game and balance. most importantly, have the opportunity. Of course must have skills and for groups with a negative reputation.

    Avatar photoMarsh The Muddy

    I’m not a very experienced or “old” player of Battle Brothers, but I can say that I, at least know what all this is about…
    From an aesthetic point of view, I absolutely LOVE the idea of getting personalized equipment, and one of the ideas I came up with was adding two more equipment slots: one for the hat decoration (if hat allows, like the Full Helmet), and the other for a very thin layer of cloth with perhaps colors and patterns (that could also maybe give a very small amount of protection like 10 body armor).
    As to the whole level up thing, I’ve got two ideas…
    The first one is that the mercenary could get a “promotion” at set levels. For example, a new mercenary (level 1) could have a “Rookie” rank, and if he survives to reach level 3, he could get the “Footman” rank, a very high chance of getting the max stat (just for that level-up).
    The second one is that if the mercenary reaches a certain rank, he could even get bonuses for using a certain weapon (say the mercenary reaches level 3 rank Footman and he can choose to be a Swordsman with bonus bleeding damage, a Spearman with even more bonus hit chance, a Double-handed sword user with bonus chances to hit the head, and the list goes on…). I just can’t help but imagine a third page on every mercenary (after the equipment and perks) whith the silhouettes of every “Class” that also say their bonuses and maybe some lore…
    Sorry for the VERY long post, but I guess some opinions are always welcome?

    Avatar photoDanubian

    I wish they would add more item types such as jewlery and stuff, as well as make it possible for normal armors to have bonus properties.

    Basically more ways for us to customize our characters.

    I understand that BB world is low magic, and thats ok, but imo small bonuses like for example a ring that adds +2 melee ability shouldnt break that, no?

    Avatar photoSky

    I’d like to see some possibilities to make few visual changes too. With for example tabards, or individual banner like thingies (even tho the guys aren’t nobles so call it something else), also shields and even some weapons.

    To have a dye shop where you could paint the armors, shields, maybe parts of weapons. A tailor to make tabards (all the guys in the artwork have em, just like to the left of the screen…) with some options even if just simpliest ones like world of warcraft did it. A jeweler to make custom handles to the weapons or like that. Purely visual, and most of the professions are already in the game as backgrounds, just add the stores and all set. I understand that these are not much important things but this can potentially lead to a nice amount of content and flexibility without breaking the game.

    For the moment I personally doing different shields just to have visual feedback who the guy is without going into his ability n equip screen. Also have to be sure not to wear similar helmets on guys that have different “builds” but similar equipment. This could be so much easy. Also the future incoming before battle tactical phase would be much easier with additional individual visual cues.

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