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    First of all, thanks for a great game, even at that stage of development. This game remind me the “Konung” series (1st an 2nd part (, 3rd is a peace of thrash unfortunately) . Your game has same atmosphere and pleasure for me.
    I know and understand, what you have your own thoughts how to develop your game, and may be some of my ideas is already told to you here. But if you find something useful or remind some old, but good idea, I will be glad.
    1) Kingdoms.
    It will be great, if map will be divided to a few kingdoms or other type of countries. It will give an opportunity for another level of free play, quest or opportunities for players (raids, pillaging, and scouting, participating in major battles and so on).
    Kingdoms can have different culture (Arab, Viking, «Rus», Nomads ), race (Elf, Orc, etc) or even religion. What will open opportunities to a new set of weapon and armor, new enemies , and new quests.
    2) Reputation system.
    Player action must have consequence for him. Killing monster and bandits can give few points to a villege what not a far from that place or to a local governor and his militia. Leaven caravan can down this points. And it can be used for a lot of different things (prices, work cost and etk)
    3) Guild’s and organization.
    Idea has few layers
    A) Warrior guild. Can possible some rating request or quest to enter. Can open way to more hard and more profitable quests and opportunity to hire more skilled fighters
    B) Merchant/ craftsman guild. Can give different gathering quests (for a rare material), place protection quests, and etc.
    C) Religion cults. First of all an opportunity to become a paladin (or another version of holy warrior) and opportunity to bring word of your god to nonbelievers (It is medieval after all). And new quests like transferring goods to remote monastery, helping to which hunters and inquisition and etc.
    D) And can be a lot of different types of organization, who have open quest for all and closed quest for teams who became part of it or have great reputation.
    4) Political. And opportunity to participate in a political war of kingdom. A kingdom can be also divided to smaller parts (fiefs), which have their own royal rulers (dukes, barons and etc.). In dark ages they can fink what they have grate power and can easily take some new lands or even become a king. I think It can be calculated in some period of time, counting few parameters, and generate new quests, what can very different consequence for a player.
    5) Like receiving his own village (like a prize to a work and title of knight). And village it is a :
    a. Place what generate small income
    b. Place what generate new quests (find or save some person, kill monsters of bandits, develop a village and etc.)
    c. A place there player can store items and warrior, if he want.
    Like an example, a player can have a few warriors who have traits “Blacksmith”, “Peasant”, “Trader” and etk. If they stay in a village it will give some opportunities. At first village income will drop down, because you must pay smaller or equal payment. But later they will develop some advantages, like more gold from trade, some weapon from blacksmith, some supply from fields or skilled and cheap recruits.
    And of course some time your overlord will ask to pay tax or military support.
    6) Small interface suggestion, it will be grade to see and up and down arrow near characters when we select an peace of equipment in stash, to easily understand who can take this item.
    7) And some indications in battle f or a chance of hit success

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    Howabout adding Hard game mod in game?With only one autosafe.It woulde be realy hard.We will be need in run away fron battle.And of course hard gamers woulde be very pleased with it.So tnk for attention

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