Topic: [Suggestion] Mercenary Bases + Larger Rosters

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    I was thinking it would be nice if you could have a “base” for your company where additional members could “live” (while you pay them full upkeep, of course). It would be nice if you could return to this location (or locations?) and swap out battle brothers, for instance if you had someone that needed to heal, or if you wanted to give some new recruits some combat experience. This would also allow you to level-up members for specific roles, such as range weapon support, two-handers, etc.

    This would also be a logical place to host your crafting. You could also double or triple healing for battle brothers located at their camp, where they would presumedly be under much less stress than trudging around the country-side, or perhaps it would make more sense to just drastically reduce the healing rate for battle brothers who are marching with you and keep camp-healing rates equivalent to what they are right now.

    Thank you for making this awesome game!

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