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    Another thing the game desperately needs is more structured enemy variety.

    Right now there are only very vaguely defined varieties. Within one enemy type, these enemies can come with a huge variety of gear and thus combat power. The lowest level bandit thugs (iirc the name) can have 1h weapon, 1h weapon and a shield or a 2h weapon. Whether you fight 10 guys with 1h weapons or 2h weapons makes huge difference. Similarly the archer enemies should definitely get some variety, lower tier archers having worse bows and secondary weapons, and higher tier archers having better primary and secondary gear.

    Young orcs could also use some breaking down into more types. They seem to come in all sorts of different varieties. You have some young orcs who are half naked, you have some who prefer to throw javelins or whatnot before they fight and then you have some who like super heavy infantry completely covered in armor plates.

    What i would do is break that one type into many different types, of different abilities, bonuses and penalties, and then mix them into different on-map groups to create some variety, brake patters and increase the level of fun overall.

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