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    My tiny issue with the game is the overwhelming number of enemy bands roaming around the map looting towns, at the same time I feel fairly lonely traveling the world with only my mercenary band. I think spawning NPC Mercenary bands similar to yours that also travel around the map would bring more of a balance to the game and add to the level of immersion. It would help towns and castles survive while at the same time make the game not seem as lonely when you can see other mercenary bands traveling around trying to make a living just like yours.

    Maybe something similar to the Patrols, only Mercenary bands wouldn’t only patrol and follow the roads.

    Love this game btw, this is the only game I have ever written a positive review for on steam.

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Other mercenary companies you can interact with are on our ever growing to do list.

    Overhype Studios - Let´s roll!

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    Avatar phototreemo

    Oops, nvm then. Great job, keep up the good work.

    Avatar photoKalanar

    Cool feature, I hope it makes the cut.

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