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    Say you get wiped out, but for some reason you really like the world you “created”. You like how it all turned out and so on. How about an option to start a new company in that same world from scratch? And if you implant gravestones and other persistent stuff like that let it still be on the map as a reminder, for immersion purposes and making the world feel truly alive.

    And on that subject. How about a marker on the map where you had great battles/victories, a bit liked Medieval Total War II?

    Avatar photoGOD

    I’d like this, if instead of starting from scratch you’d start at the point in time at which you died. I’m not sure how they’d make it work with the narrative so this might not be worth the effort of implementing, but I do like the idea of a newly formed company trying to cope with an Orcish invasion. :D

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    I like this idea. It can be nice challenge especially if you start again in current world that is infested by bandits, raided by orks and full of undead already. Cities are poor there is no weapons and towns have no cash for rewards just beg for help(you do it for free).
    #Also I like the idea of saving maps and start from the scratch here. Some maps are really nice when some are not so.

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    Hmm sounds intriguing *scratches chin*
    Although of course we have to have a close look how much code work that would be.

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    Avatar photokushite

    How about the opposite? Same band, different map. New map could be far more dangerous.

    Avatar photofartlancer

    Do your maps use a seed value to determine what is where? Maybe at campaign start you can choose to enter a seed or randomize the world. That way people can also share the seed for maps that they like.

    That might not be good enough to save the full state like some folks describe but it could be a start.

    Avatar phototomme25

    Hmm sounds intriguing *scratches chin*
    Although of course we have to have a close look how much code work that would be.

    Nice that you are considering it. It is not crucial of course, but it might make Ironman-mode more interesting since you don’t get thrown out of your world :)

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