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    When thinking about undertaking a quest I find myself clicking a lot just to check out where target of that quest is. My proposition is to create a map of the world’s map and detailing there where you are and where exactly you are supposed to go. Same goes for buying equipment: it’s back and forth between windows to check out how your battle brothers are equipped and check out what’s in store for them. I think both windows should be present at each half of the screen to alleviate the issue. Nothing big perhaps, but very inconvenient.

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    Im with you on htis on Holy.Death, maybe even just highlighting the detasination in the text so it stands out a little more. Id also like the ability to see the quest text again (unless Im missing how to view it once accepted) on certain quests they give you a vague location to find “holwing Creek” village for instance, I trundle off in that direction, end up having a battle, forget where the hell I was meant to be going. Could just be me being a space cadet!

    Id also definatley second an item comparison, side by side kind of thing. Im learning the stats of the weapons as I go but having the ability to do a comparsion of equipped vs stash or shop would be very useful, especially if the pallet of weaponary increases.

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    I’m all for better and more streamlined interfaces, but not if you’re suggesting adding a third map, “a map of the world’s map”. I also don’t actually want to know exactly where to go. I want to have to stumble out in the woods and find it. Contract givers are reasonably explicit about location anyway.

    Avatar photoHoly.Death

    You already know where major cities and military outposts are. I mentioned “a map of the world’s map” as an example of showing where (and how far) quest is intended to take you. As of right now I have to:

    – Check the quest.
    – Close the quest.
    – Close the city panel.
    – Look at the world’s map.
    – Open the city panel.
    – Check the quest again, to confirm.
    – Accept the quest.

    And now multiply that by 3 (as there can be 3 quest in a city).

    It doesn’t add anything to the game, like exploration. It’s just tedious clicking.

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    But that would kill any sense of exploration. It never felt like you needed to check the map before accepting a quest anyway, since the location is made visible for you, unless you’re considering a delivery quest and need to check where you are. In fact, locations becoming visible upon accepting a quest almost feels like that cheating right now.

    Avatar photoHoly.Death

    How would this “kill any sense of exploration”? You already see locations I mentioned on your map (cities, outposts). I am not talking about quests like “find location X” or “destroy location Y”. I am talking about caravans, deliveries, etc.

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    I’m not sure what you mean then. Are you talking about a map that pops up while talking to the contractor that shows the target of said quest? If so, that feels way too intrusive for something that can easily be checked. What I mean by killing exploration would also still apply, as a map like that would involve the game showing you where the target is, rather than the player looking for where the contract will take them. It’s Morrowind versus Oblivion, with Morrowind feeling like a better fit for this game.

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