Topic: Suggestion: Unavoidable encounters to kill high lvl party members

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    Thankyou devs for this wonderful games. It reminds me so much about this book ( that i have read when i was younger, imagining how it would be like to be in a mercenary band in a dark world. Just a suggestion to make the BB world even more dangerous. Just in the book where encounters with demons spell doom for veteran mercanries, i would love to see the same thing happening to my lvl 11 great sword wielder who thinks he is invincible. It would be nice to encounter demons where one has no choice but to sacrifice some party members in order to win the fight, with survival being its own reward.

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    While you might like that, I am sure there are also many who would dislike it. I would count myself to them.
    It is one thing to loose your best man to a stinking orc out of your own stupidity, but it would be most annoying to loose your best men every now and then to an event, that might strike whenever it cannot be more inconvenient without even the slightest chance to prevent this from happening.
    It is already annoying to get a merc with the gluttonous trait because you know sooner or later he WILL get fat and there is nothing you can do against it.

    Events are really cool. I like them very much as long as you have atleast two choices. Crusader Kings 2 handles the event system pretty well. This would be the best way to go in my opinion.

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