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    First of all, im not english, so please forgive me for my bad use of this lenguaje :)

    The game is pretty amazing right now, but there is always a little space for improvements, so lets start with my personal suggestions!

    1) Perma-perk after you fall down in combat: I think there should be like 90% getting bad perk and 10% getting good one (on the good side, ill add some perks, for example)

    Back from the dead: +X/X% bonus resolve (hes less scared now, because he saw the other side)

    Resistant: +X/+X% bonus Fatigue/Hp (he managed to live, so hes stronger now)

    Arrow Resistant: +X (if the hit who made him fall down was done with an arrow and he survives,but he manages to not bleeding out, so hes now more aware of the arrows,(only applied if the rolls the 10% good perk or we % it is and then if he rolls this good perk, not always one guy die by an arrow))

    Those are few examples, also i think, on the map, should be maybe randomly generated (so it forces the player to explore, ill explain more of this point in advance) and maybe on hard access spots, Witch House (Should appear RARELY) if u enter, it can be an event, with sometimes a bad side (maybe a trap or you have to pay and sometimes you get scammed etc) or get a mission, hard mission, where she promises you to cure 1 guy from bad permaperks(maybe 1 guy ALL bad perks he has,not only perma) or she promises a potion to cure 1 perma perk, also i will add like a 20% chance when you complete the mission, she dissapear, and you get no reward, or its a trap etc (incase the choice its the special mission).

    2) Exploration: Rarely me and any of my friends, moved to explore out, all we do it go one city to another, i think, there should be better rewards than just getting better loot randomly sometimes, i think a few extra location with special missions, who of course, are rarely to appear, and usually hard or risky, with some special item reward, so you can risk to explore out of cities, and maybe find it or maybe not, but atleast you will try more often, and it can add alot of fun, i think.

    Ill also add some events, like if you are away of the civilization for too much time, you can pop and event where all or part of your guys getting (perma or X turn perks) like Losing Mind: X-/-X% Resolve etc. (this will happen randomly, it can never happen).

    3)Base camp: Having a castle or city or village, will make you pinned on one spot of the map, and you will move way less, so i think, the way to resolve, incase you want to add it, its making your CAMPSITE, be able to get improvements, as perks of your ”captain” who is not a soldier ingame.

    Maybe perks can improve, the speed of the traveling in map, or things like better cookware who reduces 5% food compsumption, better medical utensils (5% chance of wasting 0 meds every time you roll from 1 day heal etc) or you can get perks like, the profesion your captain was before being a sellsword, choices like soldier, blacksmith, coocker, medic,etc.. will grant X bonus or -X bonus.

    Or Tent improvement, so party work faster when they are encamped, or better guard so they are less frecuently assaulted if you are emcamped, there are too much things, who can work i guess.

    4)Trinkets: Maybe its just my luck or not implemented, but i got noone, i dont know if your planning implementing some, but i think there should me some holy crosses, with resolve bonuses, or iniciative, or even fatigue, maybe the best ones can give some stats like 5% harder to hit etc.

    5)Arrows/Archers: There definetly, we need more type of arrows!, maybe as a skill or as a special quivers, with diferent effects, not necesary to be magic effects if you dont want humans to be able to use magic, but poison, piercing,or fire arrows for blocking one tile, maybe on crossbows, who i feel worse than bows, a projectile able to stun, so for me there is a reason to pick crossbow over bows.

    Also for archers, or crossbows i think we lack habilities, naybe shoot on the leg to slow enemies down, or shoot on the arm, to reduce his defence value on shields, etc.

    I feel them weak compared to a good mele warrior, they are fun and they are ok, but a good warrior is way better, on my opinion, so giving to them utility values will make if nice, to support your frontline better!

    6)Enemy gangs sizes information: If its accepted the captain perks, there can be a perk to be more acurate on spotting correct size of enemy bands or spot inside huts etc, if not accepted, i think there will be never a 100% acurate size AND the enemy types, let me explain;

    If you see a (9) Bandit raiders, then you move your mouse to see wich enemys they are, and you read Few marksman and many bandit raiders, you know there will be 2 marksman and 7 raiders, wont be it more fun to start the battle and maybe see 3 marksman 6 raiders 1 thug, its close to the information, but at the same time its not exactly the info, or atleast to happen eventually, so sometimes you will face harder oponents or maybe easy ones, it will add fun for me atleast, cause you always will be expectation worse things to happen, adding intensity.

    7)Weapons Quality: I will love to see a infinite variations of swords, axes etc, but being honest you have to finish your work at some point haha, anyway i think there can be a easy way to implement variation on the weapon already existent on the game, weapons quality, i dont know the words in english but it will be something like that:

    Bad quality Sword, Ok Sword, Good quality Sword (you can add even more like) Amazing well crafted sword or Horrific sword , and you can add at the same item +- stats depending on quality without adding more work to your project with new models (or i hope its not much work atleat haha)

    Or also sharpen for weapons, where you can go to the city on the armorer to have a little bonuses, while you will need to go after X battles or X hits, or even with a specifical item.

    8) Food: there definetly i would love to see, a good/bad effects on morale if you have diferent types of food or if you only have one.

    Well im going to finish, or i will never stop haha, if anyone is alive still, thanks for taking your time reading my suggestions!

    Your game is on top 3 of my favourite all time, i hope you the best!

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