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    Hi there everyone!
    I love your game already, it looks so gorgeous and the gameplay and setting are very original (if not unique) and fresh! I’d be great if I could be of some help, so I came up with a few suggestions:

    -Wolves hunt a large packs and try to surround the Battle Brothers before they attack. They’re fast and hard to hit, but also unprotected. Wolves live in the woods and move out of the woods at night.

    -Condors a large birds living close to mountains. They can fly with ease across the battlefield and can retreat from combat without getting hit. With the ability “Death from above”, Condors fly up high and disappear from the battlefield for one turn. Then they appear on a desired spot and can attack an adjacent Brother with a bonus. Their eyesight is great and they’ll usually spot you first, on the battlefield and on the world map.

    -Giant boars are extremely dangerous and hard to kill. They terrorize farmers, scavenge their fields and lifestock. They live in small groups (2-4 boars) but are huge and use 3 hex field instead of 1. Giant boars can trample across smaller objects like logs or bushes with ease. Keep your spear wall up and stay behind trees if you want to survive. Luckily their easy to hit due to their size.

    -Trolls, human-sized beasts that live in caves in the hills. Their eyesight is bad during the day, so they hunt at night. Trolls are strong brutes with little intelligence. But don’t underestimate them. They’re clever enough to ambush you and can conceal themselves on the campaign map.

    New unit type: Dogs!
    – Dogs can be bought and equipped as a weapon (but cannot be placed in the inventory of a Battle Brother). In battle, a Brother equipped with the dog can attack like with a regular weapon (the dog simply bites). Also there’s another ability, “loose the dogs!” that sets the dog free. A dog appears on a free hex field nearby. The dog simply charges at the closest enemy and can’t be controlled by the player anymore.

    -If the dog is killed, he’s lost, if he’s wounded, he’ll be “repaired” with medicine ressources.

    -After setting the dog free, the Battle Brother can equip weapons from his inventory and fight like usual.
    Dogs are very common among the militia and bandits.

    Faction: Beastmen
    – Mix of human and beast (obvisiously) who have a higher fatigue than most humans. They are less troubled by difficult terrain and can move up/down heights better than humans. They’re also slightly stronger and faster.

    – However their equipment is worse than that of the orcs and good armor or shields are rare. Beastmen dislike technologies so their armor is most likely to be very basic.

    -Beastmen have their homes in the hills or close to the mountains.

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    Hey Jago,

    thanks for your idea jam :)

    There are some quite interesting ones among them. To be honest the wardogs are already designed and ready to go as soon as I have time to paint the graphics. They’ll be used mostly by bandits, so that they sport some unique units which makes fighting them more interesting.

    Some kind of Beastmen faction is actually my personal favorite to add to the game. Unfortunately we first to have to fill all the tiny gaps in our game before we can add more fun stuff :)

    It’s actually more difficult to decide what NOT to implement than finding ideas to implement :)


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    Avatar photoMalthus

    It’s actually more difficult to decide what NOT to implement than finding ideas to implement

    So is there hope, that you will implement more in form of an expansion and or dlc, if – what I belief – the game sells well and you have more budget?

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    >OMG, Malthus, there are no damn paladins in Battle Brothers...<
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    Avatar photoJago

    Ha! It’s great to hear that wardogs are on their way! :D
    And hey, the beastmen would be my favourite, too! Really looking forward to them (whenever they’re going to be implemented).

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