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    1) State bros, wich has perished in an events, in the orbituary
    2) add an option to make bros look uniform by changing colors of armor and shields
    3) may we get options for world generation? Size/density of population/density of monsters
    4) make background bonuses description togable. (its irritating to look up for what exact penalties class X has)
    5) add a notebook to keep notes, add a map button on contract selection screen
    6) May we have lore/info/faq entries to help us in the search for recruits? For example where it is more likely to find a killer or a savage or a noble?
    7) Make a possibility to upgrade the banner to more potent weapon. (Attach it to named pike or other polearm). Or have an alternative in accesory slot as a back-attached banner.
    8) Complete lines of weapons (I really need my man-sized 2 handed flails to smash all that bare heads, a really do ;) ). Why we don’t have 2 handed endgame maces with AOE stun?
    9) May we spend some coin to teach a bro some tricks? Preferably resuting in + for stats. For a good price ofcourse.
    10) May we order bros around during travel/camp to make more rolls for events or get results? I’d like my tailors to maintain and alter armor, probably do a mail direwolf armor, or pay swordmaster to teach a bro some trics, or unleash my pack of hunters to grab some game.
    11) Some perks are underpowered

    Adrenaline: useless completely, costs to much for little gain
    Bags and belts: underpowered, maybe add an ofset to the weight of equipment in the bags?
    Recover: borderline useless, has been nerfed too much
    Nine lives: use is too narrow, in close combat next attack will end the bro anyways, or bleeding will. The perk needs some extra gain.
    Steel brow: use is too narrow, gain is too low.
    Polearm mastery: is not needed, as repel and hook not used so much as other skills (may we have a spearwall skill for pike?)
    Throwing mastery: throwing weapons doesn’t scale with armor/or ignore armor/or crush ignore/shileds.
    Headhunter: underpowered, really needs that basic bonus for that first hit.
    executioner: underpowered, really needed in fights with bosses/knights but too many opponents have very high wound resistance or flat-out immunity.

    12) improve reatreat to an “orderly retreat/route”.
    Reason: Ir order to fall back without tideouts movement of all bros to the edge.
    How: check if AI is able to pul all bros to edge without getting caught, if it does, state that safe retreat is available, if not, state what bros are risking injury. Allow player to pick what he desires, risk endangered bros/pick a bait/or move the bros by himself.
    13) add settelement restored/established event
    14) add possibility to donate coin to build/restore buildings. (we got or pedlers, at least this way these guys could be usefeull)

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    I think perks are fine(mostly).
    12) improve reatreat to an “orderly retreat/route”.
    Man i thought about this for ages! But i highly doubt that this will be imlemented.

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