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    It is a Great game so far but i thought it would be nice to include “support” Characters in my Band.
    If you think about it… most mercenary-groups would have at least someone who is better at cooking, one better at repair stuffs one as a scout or a Medic and so on.
    For this, it would be nice to have a 4. Perk-Tree witch gives none or not much boosts in Combat but greatly increases the Performance on the world map.
    Here some thoughts on what it could include:
    • First line Perks:
    o Tracker: Increases duration and range of the detectable Tracks
    o Pathfinder: slightly decreases speed reduction in difficult terrain
    o Cook: increases Time until food spoils (1day, stacks Max up to 3 days with more cooks)
    o Medic: Increases Healing rate and needs less supply for healing (also max stack)
    o Smith: same as Medic but with Repair weapons
    o Fletcher: 10-20% of all used ammunition could be regained after combat. Maybe also creates 1 Arrow for every Time period (Dawn, evening, night…) in which the Band is Camping
    • Second Line Perks:
    o Pack-Mule: Increases Max Food, Ammunition, Medic and weapon supplies for the Band in Example with 5 each and also increases Inventory-Space with 5
    o Haggling: Increases Prices of sold stuff and decreases Prices to buy
    o Scout: Increases Sight radius on World map and also increases “Vision” Stat for this Character. Give a Chance each turn to Spot a enemy who is hiding in high Grass
    o Spy: Show exact amount of enemy’s. If this Character is hidden in a Bush in Combat and uses a Throwing-Weapon (not Bow or Crossbow to give the Throwing-weapon more use) then the Character stays hidden
    o Field medic: Gives this Character two Combat skills:
     First Aid: Heals a small amount of damage and stops Bleeding
     Antidote: Heals Poison
    Needs “Bandages and Medicine” as new equipment (5 or 10 Stacks). Equipped in the Ammunition-Slot or the Slot for Dogs and will be refilled out of combat from the Medicinal Supplies
    o Night vision: Reduces Sight reduction during the night on the World map and during Combat (Maybe even eliminate reduction because it is a Second-Line Perk
    • Master Perks:
    o Hunting Master: Gives World map Active-Skill “Hunt them down” witch removes every Speed reduction for difficult terrain and increases speed on Terrain without reduction for 20-30 sec or until you engage in Combat (whichever comes first). If you do not catch your “prey” in this time, you will become exhausted and have only half your normal speed for the same Time. Skill will have a Cooldown of 2-3 min beginning after your Combat or after your exhausted-Stat runs out.
    You will have no benefits for more than one Hunting Master.
    o Ambush: There are two Possibility’s for this Perk
     Obtion 1: you ambush every Mobile Enemy-Group, which gives your men a complete turn to act bevor the normal combat with the regular initiative-order starts (obviously only 1. Per Combat)
     Obtion 2: At the Start of each Combat you can place 3 Devices in a set distance to your group. Those devices could be harmful for your enemy’s or helpful for you. Here are some examples
    • Bear trap: instantly catches enemy passing the Tile with this Trap similar to the Net you already have. Deals a little damage OR gives Target bleeding. Stays invisible until triggered
    • Trap hole: similar to Bear-Trap but without a “hold-effect”. Instead much more damage. Will be spotted if enemy stops beside it.
    • Archer-Shield: A wooden Static shield which gives cover from enemy range-attacks. Has HP and can be destroyed
    • Artificial-High-ground: A wooden Platform witch grants bonus for higher ground. Has HP and can be destroyed
    • Mobile Camouflage: increases movement cost for the targeted ally for 1/tile but he has the “hidden”-Buff until his first attack (maybe more damage for this attack) Looses Camouflage after 1.Attack except for “Spy’s” with throwing weapons

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    Excellent ideas.

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