Topic: Surrounding A Lone Bandit Leader May Bring Up An Event

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    “You’ve lost this fight, Red Viper. You won’t be slithering away this time…”

    “Wait! Spare me my life and I assure you, we can come to a sort of deal…”

    Maybe this could be in a DLC or something, but I think it might be interesting if instead of something like the “The Enemy Retreats” pop-up, surrounding a bandit leader that is now on his own could bring up a different kind of pop-up. Maybe like escorting a VIP, you could choose to have a captured bandit leader now in your party that promises you riches for sparing him his life and asks you to bring him to a destination (Either for your reward of money or some weapon(s), or alternatively, a large Bandit ambush…).

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    since we can already hire (former) Raiders from settlements it’d make sense that a bandit faced with certain death might sometimes offer to join your company instead.

    He’d have to be dialled down a bit in the process so he wouldn’t be too strong in comparison to others (I’d say just reset his lvl progression and make him lvl 4 raider), but it’d make for an interesting development.

    Especially when either his former comrades or old enemies come calling.

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    Good idea ;)

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    Woha!!! love the idea! :D

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    I think prisoners and such in general would be a great addition.

    Event where the law catches up with your thief/deserter/whatever, and you give him up but you can go and break him out of a prison?

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