Topic: Synergistic passive skills. The line of development.

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    At this time, the game has held steady trends in the development of each character. This has led to many skills being ignored and not used at all. I suggest considering one of the ways out: free synergistic skills.
    How it looks: the character takes one of the perks of 1 or 2 shooting ranges. When a character reaches level 9.10, 11, he gets free associated perks. It is important to note that a number of free perks will require 2 or more abilities taken.
    Example: Perk “Quick adaptation”, the character reaches level 9, then one of the 2 related perks is issued: – if previously studied “quick adaptation” + ” Possession of a bow/Arbaleta and musket/Stateline weapon” – the character gains the skill of “Ballistics” (the penalty precision is reduced by -2 for each cell).
    Alternatively – “Quick Adaptation” + “Melee Weapon Proficiency”, the character gains +10% to melee and ranged defense skill when dodging / taking damage from the enemy until the end of the turn.

    Reaching Level 10:
    1) Taken perks “Quick adaptation” + “Possession of remote weapons” + “Bullseye”, the character gets the skill “Faithful Eye” (+7% to the accuracy of the attack distatsnionnym weapons)
    2) Taken perks “Quick adaptation” + “Possession of hand-to-hand weapons” + “9-lives” – when receiving health damage, the character makes a free retaliatory attack on the nearest enemy.

    Reaching Level 11:
    1) Taken perks “Quick adaptation” + “Possession of remote weapons” + ” Bullseye+ Quick Hands-the character gets the “mark target” skill (+20% to the accuracy of hitting the marked target)
    2) Taken perks “Quick adaptation” + “Possession of hand-to-hand weapons” + “9-lives” + “Endurance” – The character receives a decrease in “Furious roar” (resets control effects from himself and surrounding allies, stops the effect of negative effects on himself), damage from the next attack increases by 150%. Requires the presence of a character injury.

    In this way, you can create more interesting synergy options on the existing base.

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