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    Hey deve. Thank you for such a wonderful gem of a game!I have the GOG version, so no idea how many hours I’ve put in , but between frustration trying to do iron Man and the lengthy games of trying to defeat all three end game events, I’m pretty sure it’s 200+ he’s and growing as I start yet another campaign.
    SO incredibly happy you’ve decided to pick the project back up and terribly excited to see the outcome of new and improved things!!!
    You’ve had a lot of suggestions, but one I really do like is different tilesets in battles (city, cemetery, etc.).
    Im sure it’s been said, but the game is a slight “sleeper”. Hopefully Rock PapeeShotguns new article will pump more revenue for you and new passion for the game!!!
    Have you considered a Kickstarter announcement for BB2 or such? I think it would be awesome and the game review companies would do articles if you asked.
    Anyway, you all know what your doing (obviously).
    I’m just really excited to play more of your games and am dying to buy your expansion perorder if need be!!

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