Topic: The Brutal Life of a Mercenary

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    The Company had seen days of no pay and little to eat but a few ground grains between all the brothers. But today they gathered to morn the loss of Karl the Iron jaw and remember his final battle.

    Erland the Guild Master had offered a simple job, hunt down some Brigands stealing live stock. Things began easily enough, Arne had tracked down the raiders to a near by shack. With surprise on their side the Raven company sprung on the raiders. The front line formed up a shield wall while the bewildered raiders gathered their two handed weapons and rushed in.

    It was all looking so good. The shield wall was holding, some of the raiders looked a little worse for wear, bleeding from small cuts and one even had a gash across his face. It was at this point that one of the raiders through some fancy foot work swapped positions with another and Robert found himself off balance, his shield dipped low and suddenly a spear tore though the flimsy hood he wore to score a nasty cut across his brow. Bleeding he began to show signs of panic in his eyes.

    That same movement from the raiders had also momentarily distracted Karl and the raider before him took the opportunity to plant his axe square in the side on Karl. Karl staggered, then righted himself and through the pain kept on driving his spear forward, only to have it find a chain mail defense.

    The other brothers came to Karl aid seeing him in need they downed the axe man, and then proceeded to down another Raider. Karl filled with a sense of impeding victory strode into the space that had been filled by the Axe man. The wound at his side hampering his shield arm. He wasn’t quick enough, a over head bill hook strike came down on his unprotected head and split it in two. Filled with rage the other brothers stabbed their spears into the billhook armed raider whos weapon was now wedged in Karl. The battle was over but at the cost of Karl, his renowned iron jaw wasn’t enough to save his that day.

    Follow the adventures of the now struggling Company

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