Topic: The (extremely) distrubing ghoul battle music

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    Avatar photoHuman Warlord

    Sorry if i ask or cry too much but the “new” music/track thats plays mostly on ghouls and ancient undead are realy disturbing and stressing (or it is something wrong with me?). When you play few or more hours a day this music becomes unbearable to point where i just disabling music completely during this fights.
    I would really apriciate if this track was removed.

    All other game music is gorgeous.

    Avatar photoMike

    Um… isn’t it the whole point of ambient music? To reinforce the mood as appropriate for the current events?

    I understand there’s no arguing tastes but I’d say that if you feel unnerved while fighting unholy monsters the devs are doing things right.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Why would you want to deprive EVERYONE of a soundtrack because you don’t like it ?
    Just turn the music off when you fight ghouls.

    If it stresses you out that much then yes, something is wrong with you. I don’t mean this as an insult or trolling, talk to a therapist, maybe get anxiety meds.

    Avatar photoHuman Warlord

    Okay i just replaced this track in game files (i just dont knew how to do it before). So this topic is over.Sorry.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    Pay 250 crowns to a therapist, and anxiety will heal in 1-2 days (and it’ll never recur and the therapist will go out of business due to a lack of patients brought about by excessive healing skill). If only life were that simple.

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