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    Idea for further DLCs.
    As an addition to the topic “TRAVELLING BY SHIP”

    (I have just joined the game and haven’t tried DLCs yet, so my apologies if the idea is not suitable for the current version of the game)

    The Great River

    The idea is to add a big river (that flows into the sea) and warriors, trade guilds, animals and beasts inhabiting it, with a worldwide peasant rebellion as a new Crisis and new ability to trevel on water without seaport.

    1) New types of terrain to the global map: river+confluents, floodplain, taiga (to the northen territories), thicket (middle territories), jungle (southern territories).
    – river adds 25% to moving speed while travelling along the stream;
    – river subtracts 20% from moving speed while travelling against the stream;
    – floodplain partially surrounds river, subtracts N% from moving speed, reduces speed penalty of with-boat travelling to 20%;
    – taiga surrounds river and floodplain, has x1,1 forest moving speed reducer;
    – thicket: similar to taiga;
    – jungle: similar to taiga.

    2) New “boat” item.
    – not wearable, placed in inventory, slows down on-ground travel speed by 40%;
    – used to travel on water (river and sea);
    – cancels floodplain penalty;
    – can be crafted/bought/found/gifted;
    – can be left in a river camp and looted from one.

    3)Additional types of objects to the global map: docks, river camps, hiding-places, guild bases.
    – docks stand in towns and give an ability to buy, sell, dock or craft a boat;
    – river camp is “created” by opponents (while a contract), merchants (while trading pass) or a player (to left a boat and other items) next to a river, may be “inhabited” with pirates or guildsmen and displayed while battle as a regular camp;
    – hiding places/treasure hideouts are the place where pirates and ancient mages left their treasures, the location contains treasure, beast or nothing;
    – guild base is a town-like location with a mechanics of trading and caravan contracts.

    4) New battle locations: boat, guild base, hiding place/treasure hideout.
    – boat deck is a partially closed location (retreatment may be made in 3 directions) with a small chance to survive after retreat to water;
    – guild base is a closed location with no ability to retreat;
    – hiding place/treasure hideout is a standard location with a new environment.

    5) Legendary location: island with a pirate treasure and a boss.

    6) Additional origins: varyag/seerauber/barbary, ushkuinik/vitalian(/likedeeler)/tamarud, survivor.
    – varyag/seerauber/barbary (for north, middle and south territory) is a medieval pirate and trader, who has his own boat and a few men at arms in a team, a player starts with a random city as an enemy not too far from it;
    – ushkuinik/vitalian(/likedeeler)/tamarud is a medieval trader, guard and pirate that opposes to a slavery, a player starts with a slaver faction as an enemy;
    – survivor is a former ship member, he lost his memory in a shipwreck and starts in a village not far from the accident.

    7) More characters’ backgrounds: guildman, guildmaster, oarsman, boat captain, runaway slave.

    8) New opponents: varyags, seeraubers, barbarys, guild members, rebelling peasants, ursus (bear cannibal), gysingers (man-eating wolf flock), tsavos (couple of man-eating lions), leprechauns (guards the ancient treasure in the north territories), zwergs (guards the ancient treasure in the middle territories), shaitans (guards the ancient treasure in the south).

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