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    I discovered the might of Obrokk last week. I attacked a orcish war camp and Obrokk was there. My experienced team of mostly caravan hands killed off the young orcs with a spear wall and long axe combo and where whittling down the warriors. Obrokk roaring caused one of my less brave brothers to flee, allowing the warriors to plough through to my back lines. Four warriors killed two of my men before going down, Obrokk killed the other 9. Reimar Orcbane, the starting companion that has the axe, barely killed Obrokk, proving the nickname he was randomly assigned. This battle completed the orc raid that awards the orc tusk necklace. I renamed him Reinhard Orcbane, and he now wears Obrokks tusks around his neck and is immune to stun. After this I was wondering about the epic music that was playing as I was watching this Orc warlord was slaughtering my people before being taken down by Orcbane. The name of the song is “The might of Obrokk”. Obrokk slaughtering my men to the tune of “the might of Obrokk” only to be slain by my warrior nicknamed named orcbane by the game itself, then wearing a orctusk necklace afterwards all felt like destiny.

    On a side note I wanted to ask what the name Perowinger means. Never heard it before?

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    Also I was wondering if this fictional land has a name?

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