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    Hi All,

    So it looks like the finish line is not so far off. I’m wondering what the status of the unique tactical maps is, little has been said on the issue recently. I understand that dungeon crawling and interior settings are out for the forseeable future, but what about encampments, graveyards, ruins, settlements and castles?

    It would be nice just to get an answer on this, however blunt. I feel this is the main issue at the moment, when it comes to what is and isnt making it into the final product. Sorry battle sisters, you come second to this im afraid.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    the same question from me and a couple of good “Battle brothers” streamers from Russian segment.

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    Location-specific environments for tactical combat sadly will not be a part of the game at release. Take a look at our roadmap to the finish line to learn what major features will or won’t make it into the game.

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    Avatar photoRusBear

    Understand the reasons but feel no less sad about this. However thank you for answer.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Thanks for clearing that up. Hopefully one day then :)

    Avatar photoarteofwar

    I don’t mind waiting for a good thing, so I too hope that this and other features will be added at a later time. The creators of this game have been excellent to their gamer community and are always working hard and delivering us good stuff, so I think they will make good on what they tell us even if certain features wont be a priority for now.

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