Topic: Three headed flail + Nine lives = Crash

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    What happened:

    AI used a three headed flail against a brother who didn’t have high defence but had nine lives.
    Brother got hit and upon dying (he had a dog and dog spawn sound played) game crashed.
    Log in link

    Error code below

    A critical exception occured. See the logfile for more details.

    The program will now terminate.

    + Function: onEvaluate() – File: scripts/ai/tactical/behaviors/ai_engage_melee.nut:396
    + Function: evaluate() – File: scripts/ai/tactical/behavior.nut:77
    + Function: evaluate() – File: scripts/ai/tactical/agent.nut:307
    + Function: think() – File: scripts/ai/tactical/agent.nut:187
    + Function: onProcessAI() – File: scripts/states/tactical_state.nut:1421


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