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    Hey guys,

    I presume we’re all aware of this, but since I’ve seen no one mention it I’m going to post this anyway.

    There must be a way to prevent the player from finding out if someone is hidden (tall grass, reeds etc). You can simply left-click on any hidden hex to find out if something is inside it. Perhaps there’s no way around it, or perhaps you’re tentative to ‘fix’ it because you are envisioning innocent players clicking to move onto an occupied hidden tile and realising what trouble they’re in when they’re bro bumps into a sneaky brigand or somesuch.

    If it’s fixable, definitely take the plunge. Tilescanning is cheesy, muh immersion, and, finally, not even avoidable sometimes (e.g. forest ambush, first contact made by discovering a ‘hidden’ enemy when you go to move into some grass).

    Thanks, boys

    Note, I feel bad making a new topic for every little thing I find, but I’m apprehensive about hoarding my reports as this is the time to get them in. So, as a result, here’s another minor one, barely worth mentioning and probably not worth your time: the ‘Destroy 4 undead camps’ can be completed by completing ‘upturned graveyard’ contract, no matter who occupied the graveyard.

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