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    Having just had a forest battle, I found it was often quite tricky to see what areas were accessable and what areas weren’t (aside from hovering over each hex).

    One really helpful feature (which appears, in a way, in the game Invisible Inc) is to have a toggled display that shows a clear display of whether hexes are accessable. This could either be done as a colour coded overlay, or a simplified/graphical display of the hexes that replaces the normal display (kind of like in Civ5?, where you can see a simplified iconic version of the map).

    Maybe clear the trees, and show a colour coded hex overlay, when pressing a hotkey.

    Would give a very useful overview of the paths available.

    Avatar photoMiaphysites

    The part they say is upcoming was simplifying this sort of forest movement. You’re still posting ideas at 1 hour 30 minutes mark , so , I just have to ask, have you considered compressing all these 10 ideas into 1 thread with the Edit button, rebrand it the ladlon Ideas thread?

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