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    1. Describe the bug and how it happened: What did you do before and while it appeared?

    I was looking at a bro’s stats when an enemy fled and the “you win” dialog came up. The tooltip stayed on the screen and blocked one of the buttons.

    It seems the fix is easy: when a dialog box appears, close all tooltips. Unless there are none, in which case, also close all tooltips :-)

    2. Is it reproducable? Can you intentionally make it appear?

    I don’t know how to repro it because it happens only when the AI decides to retreat.

    3. Attach a screenshot if possible.

    Screenshot attached.

    4. Attach your dx.diag. This file includes information on your hard- and software configuration.


    5. Attach the Battle Brothers “log.html” file. (Please note the log gets overwritten once you restart the game so make sure you copy the log right after the bug appeared!)

    Sorry, I lost it, but I doubt it’s relevant.

    5. Attach a save showing the issue, if there is any.


    Avatar photodrpossible

    The Enemy Retreats Obscured By Tooltip

    the upload failed, so here’s an IMGUR link instead:

    Avatar photoRap

    Possibly fixed. Thanks for reporting.

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