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    Hello Overhype Studios,

    First of all, thank you for your great game. I have to confess that I’m hooked and it already brings me hours of fun!

    That being said, what have you planned about the translation of the game? Nothing? Professional translation? Unofficial translation?
    Here is my suggestion : if you agree with unofficial translation, why not release the texts of the game as soon as possible, allowing the community to translate them during the early access? It will help to make the game more accessible when the V 1.0 will be out and even during the early access (especially for my french compatriots who are allergic to english or prefer to use their native language for the immersion).

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for your answer!

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    This has been stated various times by now, but as there are many topics popping up it gets lost very fast.

    For now there won´t be a translation. This game is in english though the devs are german because english is a much more common language. They have a tight budget so finishing the game first is their priority.

    They do want to do a translation, but if and when this will happen is still open. Many texts are generated which makes a translation not easier. If there will be a translation it will most likely be a german one first as they stated.

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    I was wondering the same thing a while back and it seems to be something that might get added later on. No guarentees though. Part of what makes it difficult is that the text is procedurally generated, so we sadly probably won’t be seeing it until a after launch.

    EDIT: Sniiippppeeed, though I cited my sources so it doesn’t count. :P

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    Ok, I used the research tool without finding anything, so thank you for your answers.
    The question of the budget for a professional translation is I imagine a important point, that’s why I ask about unofficial translations made by the community. After reading your answers and your previous posts that the translation (if it is not a professional one) will be linked to the modding possibilities and… not for now.
    It’s a pity, indeed.

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