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    The End of turn function needs a little tweaking. When a character is down to 1 AP he will automatically end his turn. However, when he is down to 2AP and is unable to perform any actions (where movement costs 3 in the forest for example) his turn does not end. Or if you have AP but are out of fatigue.

    So what happens frequently is that you get in a rhythm of having to press “F” over and over to end your turns. Then you will suddenly come across a guy who ends at 1AP, his turn will end automatically, and you press “F” and skip the next merc’s turn by accident. This has happened many times to me, really frustrating and takes away from the flow of battle.

    Turns should either end when no other possible actions are available in all scenarios, or some kind of sound effect goes off to alert you that the turn has automatically ended and when a new mercs turn begins. Also have a buffer in play where if you press “F” while a mercs turn is automatically ending, it won’t go into queue and skip the next mercs turn by accident.

    On the subject of turns, there should be a special function to skip all your mercs turns very quickly, say in a situation where you are waiting for 1 enemy to retreat and end the battle and you dont want to hunt him down. either this or as I mentioned in the other thread, implement an auto-victory when all remaining enemies on battlefield are fleeing

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