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    So in the very late game, it’s no secret that 2-handed melee weapons are generally superior. Since there’s a two-handed version of every other weapon type, could we have a two-handed mace next? A biiiiiiig club maybe, haha. I can imagine it being an orc weapon

    Avatar photoNamespace

    I would love that. I really like the utility of the mace stun it’s just sad that my macers are kinda useless against orcs. Were orc berserkers always immune to stun? I thought it was only Warriors.

    Avatar photoIoci

    i would like to see a perk which allows the character to use the two handed weapon as one handed weapon, like the good old diablo 2.
    then those tree trunk used by orcs with single hand will turn into a great weapon for our low level brothers

    and, i also think it would be super nice if there was a perk, that allows the polearm characters to hold a buckler in their off hand, with certain melee skill debuff of course.

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