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    The UI on consoles would need a bit of work. I’m playing on PS4, and I would like to see another UI option in the game, as now it is either everything off / everything on.

    So while turning on the UI to see detailed information works fine, I’d like to turn it off for most of the time. But in the latter case, I can’t see any to-hit information, which I would be able to see. It makes a world of difference in the game.

    Would it be possible to have a third option, where one could select the items shown on the UI? Or at least add a small box depicting the to-hit chance in the no-UI option.

    And please do not make everything smaller! If needed, there could also be a slider to set the size of the text in the UI, but for my eyes the text is perfect now when playing on the tv. Many adaptations from computers to tv think that the text in the UI should stay the same, which makes things too small to read (at least for me).

    Avatar photoBlacksteel

    I agree with, need UI scale on console.

    - Blacksteel

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    I just picked up the game on ps4 I was wondering if we will get female characters on here or if that was a mod. Also what was the lastest update 4 1.6

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