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    Avatar photoWeis

    The most recent news post mentioned an improved injury system which will make the reserves more important. Will this include characters being knocked unconscious?

    I did a few searches but didn’t see anything about this. The game sometimes feels too punishing as every character to gets to 0 hp instantly dies, and I miss this feature from Warband.

    Avatar photoKxndrxck

    This was a great feature on Warband but keep in mind this is a totally different and new game. I’m guessing developers have considered adding that to the injury system but I’m not completely sure they’ll improve upon the game with unconscious characters.

    Avatar photoChucklesTheWerewolf

    If they do add in ‘unconscious’ characters, that would be pretty awesome, in my opinion. Or at least ‘critically wounded’. Something that would take your mercs out of commission for perhaps even a week or more, but it would probably have to be rare in comparison to a straight up ‘He’s dead, Jim’.

    Avatar photodltoster

    А week or more in IRL is broken finger critical trauma. Character may be taken out of action forever, but alive. It can save game balance as devs see it. Dunno about social characteristics of company members in released game, but we can also use those invalid veterans somehow, as non-battle character, or cut their share and let them go.

    Avatar photoWeis

    There could even be cool traits added to these characters. “Near Death Experience: +10 Resolve”

    Avatar photoMcKing

    It makes sense, it shouldn’t be common, but maybe blunt attacks to the head should have a chance of knocking a character out.

    Reading about Warband while playing Battle Brothers in Elite mode, scrapped for cash, makes me miss selling prisoners too, what a nice revenue that was. And a great reason to use maces and such.

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    If we could take prisoners that’d shake up the meta so much, through having them surrender or be knocked out. Could add to net and club usage if there were related bonuses, and perhaps add context to bandit and goblin raids, even mission objectives.

    We might…
    -Pressgang them
    -Release/Hang them
    -Ransom the nobles, sell the plebs as thralls, and the beasts to fighting pits and as curiosities.

    And during travel we could have prisoner escape attempts, suicides, and suffer related food shortages. It’s dark and very BBrothers.

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