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    Avatar photoAvernite

    Its supposed to protect against fear, yet, my guy got feared to death and pissed himself.
    Its no good if my top tier warriors piss themselves in front of the recruits.

    Pls fix.


    Avatar photoSekata

    I think it prevents being affected by fear abilities, like a geist screaming. I’m not so sure that I prevents a brother from breaking under normal circumstances like taking health damage above 15 or watching other brothers break.

    Did the break occur from a geist scream (which should be prevented), or from one of those other conditions?

    Avatar photoRap

    As per the description, it only makes the wearer immune to mind attacks such as Horrific Scream and Horror. It doesn’t make them immune to morale checks in general, and specifically not to morale checks due to other people fleeing for whatever reason, including Horrific Scream.

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    Avatar photoAvernite

    Yes thats precisely what I am talking about, check the screenshot.
    I walked to a ghost, it feared my dude.

    Not on the 1st try, i must say, but if a ghost fear several times – it works, so undead amulet doest really let you tank ghosts

    PS Btw iam trying to complete this fight for 2 days now and I cant… so i had plenty of times to test the fact that undead amulet doesnt work (also, ghost are incredibly op, I think they should have less melee defence, and really they shouldnt be able to fear confident bros on the 1st try thats bs)

    Avatar photoSekata

    If it broke, it broke in a recent patch. It worked for me about a week or so ago.

    Just to be clear let me ask you this.

    Is he himself breaking from the scream, or is his moral check being triggered by other brothers breaking from the morale check? A morale check triggers for your unbroken units when a unit breaks. If one happens after the other immediately, it may be hard to distinguish the two. A cascade can make it unclear if the unit with the item is breaking from the scream or watching another brother panic.

    Avatar photoAvernite

    I don’t know.
    But I went to the ghost with the intention of whacking it, it screeched, and my bro became scared.

    It might be that other brothers around had morale check and it caused the check on the ‘protected’ guy.

    Anyway, the undead trophy is not nearly as useful as I thought it would be.

    Avatar photoSekata

    It’s still really good. What’s the morale of the brother wearing it? It’s most useful on a player with already high morale (55+) since they have a better chance of avoiding the other checks that it doesn’t guard against.

    Avatar photoNamespace

    It works fine for me. I put it on my duelist who goes and clears the flanks of geists once enemies are engaged. My heavies with around 40-60 resolve and 2-handers deal with the mass of Wiedergangers while my archers take care of Necromancers and Fallen Heroes with greatswords/axes. 2 Sargeants with rally to counter geists. One is not enough as sometimes rally fails and they get fatigued so I use recover whenever possible.
    Anyways. You probably need more greatswords to fight 20+ zombies with geists. I usually go for 2 sarge, 3 archers, 3 greatswords, 1 great hammer, 2 macer, 1 duelist against that kind of line-up. Macers are great if one of the greatsword Fallen Heroes gets too close.

    TLDR: Turtle until zombies are dead and spam rally with 2-3 sargeants.

    Avatar photoAvernite

    TLDR: Turtle until zombies are dead and spam rally with 2-3 sargeants.

    Thats actually exactly what i do, lol.
    Have an xbow, 2 polearms, 2 shields and the rest are 2handers.

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