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    I posted these in the steam forums and I want to know what people think of them here. I’ll try to keep them simple and some of these suggestions require the events mechanic to be added and sorry if something is already in-game:
    – Like caravans, there could be travelling nobles but they should be rarer and there also could be contracts to escort them to place A to B.
    – Ask travelling caravans to escort them, of course they would refuse if they are already near their destination.
    – If a battle ends near you, a survivor would have a random chance of appearing and talking to you, telling you what happened and what factions were involved.
    – Contracts to rescue people held in bandit hideouts and orc camps or even kidnapped virgins in undead bases :), and they would join you until you get them back.
    – If some kind of relation/fame thing is added, there could be an option to ask patrols to follow you to clear hideouts and other things.
    – Other mercenary companies running around, and they could ask your help with a contract if they are too weak, and later they would share with your company the reward if they are good, but if they are bad…
    – If you are escorting a caravan, a bandit appears and offers you a share of the loot if you help them fight the caravan.
    – Foraging skill that would decrease food consumption and the same would happen if a character has the hunter background.
    – Backgrounds that affect the whole company in different ways, like a smith would repair faster and with less tools broken armors and weapons.
    – Like the above suggestion, traits that affect the company, like too many cowards among the ranks would make the rest a bit uneasy, decreasing their morale.
    – The option to customize all your battle brothers/sisters, that would make us more attached to our company and sad if we loose them.

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    Hey Dragonovith,
    lots of good ideas here. Many of these are actually similar to the so called “event system” which is very high up on our next-things-we-do list.
    On top of that:
    Non-combat companions for the player party are planned (Smith, healer, hunter etc etc).
    Customization of characters is a big discussion topic and we have not yet decided if or how to implement such a feature.
    Fame/reputation system is also planned.
    More diverse and dynamic contracts are on our list as well.

    As you can see, we’ve got this ;)

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