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    1.Sorry, i have no info about Added overhauled Necromancer with new visuals and additional skill.
    Can someone explane it?

    2. now we have 3 type of fallen hero?
    new zombi mode
    necr bodyguard.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Looks like the developers have reduced the chances to hit in the back of teammate and interference for archers. Enemies are now no longer get in the back of their own and completely ignore the obstacles in the form of raised shield your mercenaries with the shooting at the second line.

    I never thought I’d say this: but teammate back shooting i liked more ) – it makes you think and makes maneuvering also the enemies. We had to adjust a little chance of getting teamshot with the diagonally shooting but not to return everything as it was)

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    Nothing about it has been changed…

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    quest : escort the caravan.
    Event when the soldiers of the noble house claim their rights to the caravan. the player chooses to protect the caravan: caravan is indicated as an ally and presents at the tactical battle map, but does not attack the noble house’s units and they do not attack the caravan – move freely in the areas of control. That is how it should be? There is a description – explanation in the Event screen about it?

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    Can someone tell me whether i need to start a new game in to be able to see all monsters?

    For example i havent ran into necromancer with zombies.

    And i cant seem to run into new zombie heavy infantry in any fixed map location, although i ran into 1 party that was roaming (i guess it was spawned after the patch was applied).

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Can someone tell me whether i need to start a new game in to be able to see all monsters?…


    Avatar photoRusBear

    ha-ha, new zombi fallen hero can rise again without head after head choping!

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    hm…veteran/ ironman/ day 147. Legendary reputation. Friendly rep in quest town. 1 skull quest for graverobbers/ 870 crowns after 2 rise on completion of the quest. 18 hevy raiders with leader. I think something wrong… or reward or 1 skull enemy )

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