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    Hi haven’t posted for ages, loved the northman DLC though, and looking forward to the new expansion you guys are working on.
    I threw together some concepts for fun, so apologies if I got a bit excited writing fan-fic.

    Urwaldy Bushlanders (aka: Southern Tribes)

    To the far-south of the great deserts, exists rural communities of folk with dark ebony skin. Their land hosts little fertile soil and is much subject to drought, on it resides migrating herds of large dangerous beasts and swarms of ravenous insects. Though many villages are proudly independent, they face many external threats, and shamans whisper of naming a “Chief of Chiefs” a reincarnated warrior-king that will lead the retaliation against Urwald-Fiends, the vile Slavers, and retake the Red-City, something prophesied by many for a lifetime.

    The city is a mass of clay buildings stained pastel that sit within a mountain range besides a massive lake that leaks out through a mass of canals to watermills and sewage-pipes that flush out from a red wall into the tropics below, it was only recently rediscovered, and no one that has ventured in has returned.

    Legend states the King Zanute, during an epidemic of bloody-cough, ordered the gates sealed, but his people turned on him desperate to escape, so it was Zanute turned to a chained dragon, gifted by a great Shaman, which promised to use its power to rid his city of disease for freedom, and so it was Red-City burned for a month.

    Whilst there is no dragon to be seen today the great tropics have staked their claim, and it is said a great crocodile roams its canals, and that the encroaching forests and walkways are ridden with Urwald-Fiends.

    Possible Weapons:
    -*Cerimonial Damascus renditions of spears and sickle blades
    -(**SPC**) Urwaldie Handgonne: A longer barreled single-shot gun with a heavy mahogany stock carved with tribal renditions of the urwald’s creatures and people
    -*Urwaldie Repeating Crossbow: A crossbow that uses two limbs of horn, and features a swift reloading mechanism
    -*Urwaldie Composite Bow: A mid-section of wood fastened to two limbs of of horn tipped with ivory that when strung forms a flexing “W”.
    -Bushland Spears: Spears that may be thrown like Javelins
    -Bushland Hunting Bow: A large bow of unideal tropic woods, intended to shoot light toxic arrows.
    -Bushland Sickle Blades: billhook like sabres and knives, they cup the flesh, dealing great bloody slices around the bone
    -Snake Pot: A clay pot housing a venomous snake, when spawned it acts like a landmine that aims for a fighting retreat, but strikes anyone that moves past it.
    -Pot of Spiders: Many would consider it demoralizing to be hit in the face a pot full of bushlander biting spiders, nor is it healthy.

    Often cited as being magical creatures, they are in actuality just fairly clever cats, however they are also bigger than a horse and tend to prey on humans during the night. They are less prevalent in the northern shrublands and rockies where there is less to pray on and they are often hunted on horseback. They have a disturbing tendency to drag prey away from support to maul to death, or even chuck aside like a broken toy.

    In the blazing deserts in soft shifting sands these limbless Dunwurms burrow and wait to pounce on prey, they will eat pretty much anything, often each other.

    In sprint on flat terrain they can move faster than a horse, once they have caught up to pray they will dazzle by displaying their wings, before spitting globs of thick blinding muscas and moving in with their razor beaks and claws.

    Urwald Fiends
    An ape like creature, but of albino green, a speculated origin of northern greenskins or perhaps a regression inflicted on their kind by the surrounding environment. These beasts are very dangerous in that they scale many obstacles a man cannot. It would be quite common to have to see one scale terrain and fortifications impeding their access to their prey.
    They will also often improvise a weapon from the environment, like a branches, bones or stones, with intent to throw or crack open a skull. There are rumours of larger Alpha Fiends.

    Giant Crocodilian: The large beast that seems capable of taking on a small army, it can hide in deep water to recover stamina, charge, it cannot be shifted, it will employ a tearing-shake as its main attack it will shake a target left and right sustaining rendering damage or deal a blunt attack to any ally that occupies that tile knocking them aside, once over the target is often stunned.

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    Concept: Liger with porcupine,

    Pouncing Beast: May leap from 3 tiles dealing an attack.
    Bristly Tail: The Manticore will swipe 4 tiles, dealing “quilled flesh”
    Clawed Swipe: Knocks enemy away dealing rendering damage
    Roar: Can stun, and knock back, will also deal fear to surrounding foes.

    Plaything (Passive): When it has killed a foe it will maul it to chunks dealing great fear to witnesses
    Bristled Defence (Passive): When attacked within 1 tile, the attacker is likely to suffer “quilled flesh”

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