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    Although I haven’t actually played the expansion (which is what it is, dlc does not do it justice), I’m quite impressed so far from watching the streams and such about the amount of content, but more importantly, where its placed. It truly fleshes out the game and fills in many of the holes, but I feel like a key aspect is missing. A great majority of the game is played out in the combat screen, and although adding monster variety does a lot to keep that fresh, I feel like something a bit more is needed. Oddly enough, I find myself going back to the demo of the game, with the walk through the woods section. Perhaps mission where you don’t just face off against a line of enemies, but ones where they are distributed a little unevenly. Or ones where you didn’t have to kill everyone, simply a leader, like the old assassination missions, or even not kill anyone at all, but get from a to b through a map. Of course, the thing that would make the most difference is combat location diversity. A tall order, I know, but would give the game a ridiculous amount of life. Just something to keep in mind. Thanks for working on this excellent game, by the way.

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