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    Warbrand evolutions :

    The “Warbrand” isn’t the right name of this blade. It was “Faussart”.
    It was Cavalery and Footman soldiers sword = It was one-handed and two-handed sword.
    The handle and the weight of this blade permits these utilisations.

    Please, could you update the name of this blade ?
    Please, could you integrate this sword inside one-handed category ? (Without change skills ; action point and fatigue)
    And could you change the property of this sword ? (Like Noble sword)

    Ignores armor : 25%
    Armor damage : 85%

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    with current state of modding scene you can do it by yourself

    Avatar photolaViper

    Hah, now it is universal answer for all topics in this section :)

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