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    Noble war warcamp should have its garrison army to prevent nighttime ambushes & weird situation:

    Take “battle” contract.
    Camp with entire noble army nearby near the forest.
    Get jumped by the roaming monsters from the forest. (my case is 3 Hexen & 14 spiders, arguably the most tough Hex party comp)
    Get decimated, because you was set up for the battle with a noble house and not a resolve check spam.

    Yes, there is always a possibility to forfeit some men during withdrawal (charm & extra spider mobility makes for a poor retreat odds) & desert the quest but, you know, a warcamp may have some fighting men in, and more so, men that are ready to fight.

    P.S. My run does not end here, but for some players it has a good odds to end right at that moment (killed by the witches in the middle of a warcamp, army doesn’t give a damn)

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