Topic: Weapon Swap control bug

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    Avatar photoDrygord

    I have noticed this several times, when I am in battle and go to character screen to swap weapons I will right click ONCE but often the item swaps, then swaps again, effectively using all my AP. I am absolutely sure I am only right clicking once.

    I also notice this in the demo when switching shields, it swaps it then swaps again. I think moving the mouse down immediately after right clicking initiates a double click.

    Avatar photoCapirage

    Never happened to me (running the full version). Try dragging with left click instead of right clicking. :)

    Avatar photoDrygord

    Still happening to me. It’s not just weapons, I think it has to do with the game client lagging. Sometimes I will hire a merc and find that two mercs have been hired in a row. Or purchase an item and then purchase the next item on the list from a store.

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