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    Sup Everyone,
    Just started playing the game a few days ago. I like it. I was wondering if there was a weapon triangle all if its all stats? In a lot of games you have your swords strong against axes, axes strong against spears, spears strong against swords. or something by that mechanic, is there on in Battle Brothers?

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    Check wiki.
    No. there is nothing like that but:
    -spears are very accurate(+20% to hit on basic attack)
    -swords are accurate and have steady damage but don’t work very well against armour
    -axes can be used to chop shields and have extra crit damage, good against armour
    -flails bypass shield defence
    -cleavers have high damage and cause bleed effect
    -hammers can crush armour easily but have not that high damage against flesh
    -dagger can be used to ignore armour

    Avatar photoDlara303

    Thanks Sarissofoi! that helps me out

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    You welcome.
    You should really dig a Steam forum as there some guides and more people. Wiki is in working stage as game change all the time so its not reallz that great source of information but at last there is some basics.

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